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Banking42Front End for Banks

Cloud-native digital banking front-end software for apps and websites

White-label digital front-end

High degree of flexibility to adapt the front-end to your brand identity, combining transactional and commercial content on a single page application offering.

Full retail and wealth offering

React-based componentized front-end framework, covering both basic banking products and the full spectrum of retail and wealth-management services.

Flexible deployment

Fully automated deployment and seamless integration into your back-end architecture based on microservices and Lambda serverless components.

A front-end adapted to your customer’s needs

Leverage a customer-centric front-end platform that integrates into your enterprise architecture and that is customizable to the look and feel of your brand identity.

Design the bank you want with a full retail and wealth offering (including mortgages, stocks, funds, insurance and robo-advisor), leveraging a large inventory of microservices, with a componentized front-end design that is modular and flexible to create and evolve an engaging digital-banking experience.

Based on a cloud-native architecture stack, designed to be vastly scalable for peak transactional scenarios, Banking42 supports both customer-facing and back-office channels: website front-ends, iOS and Android apps, and in-branch and contact-center systems with omnichannel service models.

Key features

Connected to the ecosystem

Leveraging the best providers and partners in the market in areas such as biometric analysis, behavioral fraud, A/B testing, tag management and image recognition.

1000+ banking APIs

Enabling flexible and scalable deployment, supporting tens of thousands of monthly deployments.

Core-agnostic offering

Connecting to any back-end architecture via a REST-based API layer.

Digital and cloud-native

Harnessing cloud services (Lambda, Kinesis, RDS, etc.) to speed up development and combining DevOps automated pipelines to deliver greater value.

Build and run your digital-native bank

Banking42 software covers the entire enterprise architecture to support banking services, including digital capabilities based on customer experience (CX/UI) and a full retail and wealth-management product offering.

100% digital onboarding

Banking42 software provides a fully online and end-to-end digital onboarding process that orchestrates the regulatory compliance of customer identification processes and gathers all relevant evidence. Thanks to digital capabilities and third-party integration, customers can start banking immediately with their account and card on completing the process.

The digital onboarding process is one of the main end-to-end customer processes covered by Banking42, but there are a further 220-plus processes in place that complement the overall solution, e.g., know-your-customer, product acquisition, risk assessment, fraud prevention and payment issuance, etc.