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KeyneretReal Time Data Banking

Next generation cloud-based and real-time data lake

Single source of truth

Single ledger and data repository that registers every event and records all customer sessions and transactions, serving as a single source of truth for all other applications.

Customer engagement module

Create and manage digital sales and communication campaigns based on real-time streaming ingestion, machine learning and rule-based insights, customer-related events and calendar or manual settings.

Data democratization

Enable your organization to make decisions based on data rather than intuition.

Single source of truth

A single ledger and data repository that registers every event and records all customer sessions and transactions, serving as a single source of truth for all other applications, including: credit-related machine learning, fraud prevention and AML algorithms, automated customer-engagement module, customer website and app, branch and contact-center software, enterprise reporting module for management accounts and central banks, and accounting applications (SAP-ready), among others.

Customer engagement module

Automated customer-engagement module for designing commercial campaigns based on customer insights (e.g., property purchases), account transactions or calendar-driven events (e.g., Black Friday), or manually setting up a product propensity campaign, such as offering specific customers a new product. When ready, just sit back and watch. Keyneret will launch the commercial campaign across one or several channels –through an app pop-up, banner, email or push notification, etc.–, aimed at one or many specific customers. These are real mass-customized campaigns with a target of one customer, automatically launched by the event-driven Keyneret software.

Keyneret performs CRM activities by combining predictive models, customer-triggered events, calendars and manual settings.

Data democratization

Keyneret enables users with different knowledge to access and manage data, including skilled data scientists, coding predictive models, and business analysts at any organization (e.g., in finance, sales or risk areas), meeting their data needs through a non-code interface for queries and automated reporting.

Flexible and secure

New data sources can be integrated to achieve greater personalization and restrict data access.

Key features

100% cloud-based

High-performance, cost-effective and scalable data lake using modern cloud services such as Kinesys, Kinesys streams, EMR Clusters, Spark, Scala, Athena, NoSQL Databases and Jupyter.

Real-time analytics

Event-driven applications that process your data on a large scale to deliver real-time analytical insights, triggered by Kinesis streams processed in real time from a range of different sources.

Platform interoperability

Integrate your data with other internal or external systems in a flexible and simple way, supported by an automated infrastructure that triggers the creation of EMR clusters upon availability of new data sources to be processed from Kinesys or S3 events.


Visual analytics stacks to make data use easier for both technical and non-technical users, supported by a real-time control model that ensures data consistency, integrity and data lineage.

All data, one platform