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faryosControl Model for any financial institution

Centralized end-to-end data and process quality control

Time to market

Easily adjustable and automated real-time data quality and interface controls.


Automated controls in a centralized model that enables the simplified monitoring of data and process quality.


Secure cloud-based solution accessible on any device.

Identify, Control and resolve

Control and leverage your organization’s data as a competitive asset to drive innovation and create actionable insights that enhance user experience.

The data- and process-quality control model provides automated, centralized and near real-time monitoring of data and processes across the organization, allowing users to have preventive control over actions, while avoiding impacts on customers and high operational costs.

Faryos reduces risks and manually controlled workloads, while ensuring accounting and regulatory compliance.

Key features

Unlimited and automated controls

Monitored on a single platform incorporating visual analytics.

Cloud-based parallel processing

Cloud-serverless clusters.

Cloud-leveraged solution

Fully auditable results and all historical actions available.

Automated incident management

Avoid manual remediation, integrating Faryos with any incident-management system.

Quality under control