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OrymaReporting Software for Banks

Regulatory reporting and control software

Golden source of data

Ensure data regulatory and financial consistency and lineage regarding reports among regulatory bodies.

Regulatory compliance know-how

Keep updated on regulatory changes through our experts and with the flexible creation of new reports.

Efficient reconciliation

Automated transaction-focused solution to ensure every cent is under control.

Banking compliance, worldwide

A single automated solution to cover all regulatory requirements.

Thanks to our technical expertise, we’re able to analyze regulatory requirements, develop the right reports and integrate them into an automated regulatory and financial reporting process.

Seamless end-to-end implementation with your core-banking, database and even other third-party systems, both on-site and in the cloud.

Achieve regulatory assurance using a data-driven control model integrated with a centralized data lake to ensure a golden source for regulatory reporting.

Key features

1,000+ known regulatory reports

Functional experts facilitate the complex management of multiple regulatory jurisdictions.

Technical expertise

Professional ODS services deliver intricate implementations of regulatory reporting software.

Data-driven processes

Ensuring data lineage and drilldown using centralized cloud-based financial data.

Time traveling

Enabling full audits of all report versions submitted to regulators.

Say goodbye to regulatory complexity

More information

Multi-jurisdiction reporting platform

Configure and maintain every jurisdiction’s regulatory reports with end-to-end automation of reporting processes under robust cybersecurity environment conditions.

Reconciliation to minimize operational risks

Control internal and third-party banking systems with a reconciliation tool that aggregates, validates and transforms all types of data in a single solution. Eliminate manual controls, minimize effort and provide efficient data reconciliation solutions.

General ledger

Offer end-users a customized approach to query and monitor accounting records, ledger aggregation and currency revaluation processes on a single app.

Fully automated data-supply chain

Ensure data reliability and completeness prior to accounting and reporting processes thanks to the out-of-the-box integration with Keyneret or with any other platform.