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PYCASOAssisted Channel Software

Cloud-native software for contact centers and branches

Unique agent experience

Intuitive, easy-to-use and all-in-one platform that enables agents to do the set-up and onboarding process faster and to boost efficiency.

Improved productivity

Fully integrated ecosystem of tools customized for different roles and with full access to online reports and capabilities to create their own.

Outstanding customer service

Personalized and consistent experiences through all channels with advanced self-services and capabilities to resolve complex issues quickly.

A better experience for customers, agents and businesses

An all-in-one omnichannel solution (website, chat, voice, video, email, WhatsApp, etc.) with automated processes that ensure that customer requests are resolved on first contact.

Agents have all the information they need at a glance: customer data, interaction information, transaction screens, commercial and service guides, useful scripts, etc. The result? Higher productivity and lower AHT.

We make data work for your business! Envisage customer needs and offer customized products, services and promotions through data analysis and machine learning.

Key features

100% cloud-based

Quick deployment of all solutions, simple infrastructure management and full flexibility regarding workplace and infrastructure relocations.


Scalable to different businesses and countries with the possibility of including new functionalities.

Customer analytics

Up-to-date and organized data and information to increase efficiency in customer flows, providing personalized experiences and offers.

The perfect match

Optimizing agent conversations and reducing AHT with routing software that enables accurate pre-qualification and improved FCR with AI in all automated processes.

All channels, one platform

The key to contact center success

Improve the management and performance of your workforce with PYCASO. Accurately plan in advance thanks to forecasts on volume and interaction times, set objectives and monitor deviations in real time.

The supervisor interface provides access to online reports and metric-tracking capabilities and offers the possibility of creating your own reports.

Get the most out of your data

Thanks to the optimized module for real-time portfolio performance calculation (simple, TWR, MWR) and a user-friendly interface, agents obtain a fully customized view that facilitates the monitoring of investments and enhances user experience, boosting customer engagement and satisfaction.