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WEALTH42Wealth Management Software

Cloud-based brokerage and investment platform

Investment automation

Automate discretionary management, investment advisors, execution-only service models and real-time performance calculations to boost productivity and minimize costs.


Customer-driven digital omnichannel capabilities based on extensive knowledge of the best-in-class customer experience and processes harnessing machine-learning algorithms.


Reduce integration and implementation times with a fully compliant (EU-wide), transparent and agile investment platform and advisory service.

Wealth-management automation

An execution-only stock, fund and ETF broker and an automated investment advisor (robo-advisor) with micro-investing functionalities.

Give your customers an innovative and simple investment platform to help them meet their financial goals, while saving time and resources through task automation.

This fully integrated customer-facing platform can manage and safeguard customer assets, from onboarding to regulatory requirements.

It entails fast, adaptable and scalable infrastructure for any physical or digital customer channel and a single interface for routing any order across all geographies and ecosystems, reducing both integration and implementation time.

Key features


Enabling automated infrastructure operating and optimizing IT resources by leveraging in-cloud and auto-scaling capabilities.

RESTful API layer

Integrating wealth functionalities into specific customized solutions and channels.

Non-SQL database solution

Big data capabilities for optimal customer insights and portfolio-return calculations.

Technology cloud-native architecture

Flexible solution with cloud-software architecture to seamlessly align growth and infrastructure, based on open-APIs and mobile design principles.

Cloud-based brokerage and investment platform

Investment models tailored to customer needs

WEALTH42 optimizes fund investment management and facilitates investment models in line with customer needs. Upload and manage investment strategies using the robo-advisor service and the DIY Portfolio Builder according to your investment management policies.

Customer assets can also be managed through a customized risk profile and portfolio performance calculation, and risk-based portfolios of index funds (tax efficiency) can be used to ensure a low-fee solution to optimize returns. This simple, easy and agile tool has been designed for both experienced and inexperienced customers, keeping them constantly up to speed on their wealth performance.

Real-time, clear and customized information

The optimized module for real-time portfolio performance calculation (simple, TWR, MWR) and the user-friendly interface enables customers to obtain a fully customized overview to keep track of their investment, while also enhancing user experience and boosting customer engagement.