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VAULT42Independent Security Module

Password manager and secret-notes vault

Maximum security

Give customers maximum confidentiality and peace of mind by securing their secret notes and passwords, accessible only with the master key.

24/7 Access

Cloud-based safety deposit box that customers can access 24/7 via the app or website and a cell-phone loss solution, allowing them to recover secret notes and passwords on another phone using their master key.

Secure space

Provide an additional website or app security service with a simple integration process and a standalone module.


Provide your customers with a safety deposit box for their confidential information. With Vault42, they can securely store their passwords, secret notes and any other important information entirely online and accessible at any time on your website or app.

This easily integrated independent module stores encrypted information, so only the owner has access to it using the master key. It is so secure that even your company will not have access to secret customer information.

User login features include a password generator for increased security and a two-factor authentication.

Key features


Best-in-class secret encryption algorithms for increased security.


Cloud protection and maximum security for customer information.


Full 24/7 customer access to stored information via the website or app.

Master key

Designed with customer confidentiality and security in mind, only customers can access stored information with their master key.